Welcome to is the most trusted source for financial calendar reference data. All data is carefully researched and verified using only primary sources.


In today's globally connected financial world, it has never been more important to have accurate financial calendar information.

Our data can help you streamline operations, reduce settlement risk, prevent failed trades, avoid extra interest paid due to unexpected settlement delays, back-test trading strategies, and much more.

APIs allow you to easily import market holidays, non-settlement dates, and trading schedule information into your own application while keeping data always up-to-date.

How data is collected and maintained

All data is carefully researched and verified using only primary sources.

After data is collected, our research team continuously monitors markets for schedule changes. Once a change is found, the database is updated and immediately reflected in the APIs. This ensures your data is always up-to-date and adheres to the highest standards for accuracy.

What data is covered?

We cover over 900 unique exchanges and trading venues around the globe, including derivative markets, equities, bonds, options, futures, and currency markets. is the only source for standardized financial calendar reference data that includes trading schedules for derivative markets. View All Coverageopen in new window

If we are missing a market you need we'll add it at no additional cost.

Data includes:

  • Trading holidays
  • Non-settlement dates
  • Currency / FX holidays
  • Partial and irregular schedules
  • Detailed trading phase information
  • Fully support for timezones and daylight savings transitions

Data Licensing

Data licenses are available for enterprise firm, retail investors, and applications developers.

We suggest the Market Status API for retail investors, website developers, or application developers. This API tells you if a market is open or closed right now and when it opens or closes next. This is a very powerful tool that lets you add countdowns or market status indicators to your own website or app.

For enterprise-level and institutional investors, we make available our entire database of past and future market holidays and trading hours.

In both the Market Status API and Enterprise API subscriptions, we offer three tiers of access. This ensures you only pay for the data you need. The three options are:

  • Core Markets: Includes the 25 largest equity markets around the world.
  • Emerging Markets: Includes Core Markets plus all global equity markets.
  • All Markets: Includes all from Core and Emerging, plus derivative markets.

Custom packages are also available.

Data Delivery

Data can be accessed through our API or downloaded in bulk as a zip file. Delivery formats through the API are JSON and CSV. Bulk flat file downloads are in CSV and Excel format.

All data is fully machine-readable and ready for integration into your own application.


Version 3 is the latest API version. Previous versions are still available, but only for existing customers. If a breaking change is made to the API, a new version will be released.

A breaking change is if a field in the API response is changed or removed.

We may add fields at anytime. We do not consider adding new fields to be a breaking change. Similarly, we may add fields to the CSV and Excel files available through the bulk download endpoint.

Changed will be documented in the change log.

Request Access

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