Market Details

Get Market Details

Use the market details endpoint to get key information about a market using a FinID. This API will help identify the exact market or trading venue and give more details, such as asset type and product or security.


fin_idStringThe FinID for the market.
country_codeISO 3166Two-letter country code.
exchangeStringThe exchange name of the market.
marketStringThe name of the market.
productsStringDescription of the products or securities group.
micStringThe MIC for the market.
mic_extendedStringThe extended MIC for the market.
acronymStringThe acronym for the market.
asset_typeStringDescribes the asset type of the market.
memoStringA description or additional details about the trading venue.
permanently_closedDateOptional field. If a market is permanently closed, this shows the date the market closed.
timezoneStringGives the timezone the market utilizes in Olson timezone identifier format.
weekend_definitionStringIndicates the days of the week when the market regularly closed. "Sat-Sun" for most markets.

Query String Parameters

Supported query string parameters are listed in the table below:

ParameterSupported ValuesDefaultDescription
fin_idValid FinID(s)N/ASpecify which market(s) to show data for.
formatCSV, JSONJSONSpecify output format


Remember to use your authentication token for all requests.

Get Market Details for FinID

Get Market Details in Bulk,jp.jpx

Get Market Details in CSV Format,jp.jpx&format=csv

Sample JSON Response

  "data": [
      "fin_id": "JP.JPX",
      "country_code": "JP",
      "exchange": "Japan Exchange Group",
      "market": "Tokyo Stock Exchange",
      "products": null,
      "mic": "XJPX",
      "mic_extended": "XJPX",
      "acronym": "JPX",
      "asset_type": null,
      "memo": "All listed equities. Includes MIC XJAS",
      "timezone": "Asia\/Tokyo",
      "weekend_definition": "Sat-Sun"
      "fin_id": "US.NYSE",
      "country_code": "US",
      "exchange": "New York Stock Exchange",
      "market": "Canonical",
      "products": null,
      "mic": "XNYS",
      "mic_extended": "XNYS",
      "acronym": "NYSE",
      "asset_type": null,
      "memo": "Canonical",
      "timezone": "America\/New_York",
      "weekend_definition": "Sat-Sun"