Market Details

Get Market Details

Use the market details endpoint to get key information about a market using a FinID. This API will help identify the exact market or trading venue and give more details, such as asset type and product or security.


fin_idStringThe FinID for the market.
country_codeISO 3166Two-letter country code.
exchangeStringThe exchange name of the market.
marketStringThe name of the market.
productsStringDescription of the products or securities group.
micStringThe MIC for the market.
mic_extendedStringThe extended MIC for the market.
acronymStringThe acronym for the market.
asset_typeStringDescribes the asset type of the market.
memoStringA description or additional details about the trading venue.
permanently_closedDateOptional. If a market is permanently closed, this shows the date the market closed.
timezoneStringGives the timezone the market utilizes in Olson timezone identifier format.
weekend_definitionStringIndicates the days of the week when the market is normally closed. "Sat-Sun" for most markets.

Query String Parameters

Supported query string parameters are listed in the table below:

ParameterSupported ValuesDefaultDescription
fin_idValid FinID(s)N/ASpecify which market(s) to show data for.


Remember to use your authentication token for all requests.

Get Market Details for FinID

Get Market Details in Bulk,jp.jpx

Sample JSON Response

  "data": [
      "fin_id": "JP.JPX",
      "country_code": "JP",
      "exchange": "Japan Exchange Group",
      "market": "Tokyo Stock Exchange",
      "products": null,
      "mic": "XJPX",
      "mic_extended": "XJPX",
      "acronym": "JPX",
      "asset_type": null,
      "memo": "All listed equities. Includes MIC XJAS",
      "timezone": "Asia\/Tokyo",
      "weekend_definition": "Sat-Sun"
      "fin_id": "US.NYSE",
      "country_code": "US",
      "exchange": "New York Stock Exchange",
      "market": "Canonical",
      "products": null,
      "mic": "XNYS",
      "mic_extended": "XNYS",
      "acronym": "NYSE",
      "asset_type": null,
      "memo": "Canonical",
      "timezone": "America\/New_York",
      "weekend_definition": "Sat-Sun"